Who are we?

We are little independent games studio who loves cute things, magical whimsy and pretty art. We are currently working on ‘SKY ADVENTURE’ (temp title) - A hot air balloon exploration/adventure game where you travel the world taking pictures of animals! <3

In 2017 we were shortlisted for the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises (DBACE) 




 James Broderick - Tech Artist/Game Design/Co-Founder

Hi! I'm a technical artist, Games Design Lecturer at SGS College in Bristol. I studied Game Art at uni and completed a Master's Degree in which I focused on indie game development.

I love art! I trained as a game artist at uni and whilst there I realized I wanted to dive deeper and figure out how games are actually built using software like Unreal Engine. I then taken the time to develop my scripting and design skills so eventually I could have a go at releasing my own games.

Amber Jamieson - Game Artist/Co-Founder

Hello! I'm a 2D and 3D generalist and I tend to take a lead on everything cute and colourful. I have a varied background in different creative mediums like textiles, woodwork and papercrafts all of which lend themselves to inspiring the look and feel of our games. I recently finished my MA at De Montfort University in Game Art where I focused on art direction.

Over the 4 years I spent at De Montfort I realised where my strengths laid and myself and James decided to push to make our our Indie studio (IDOTRI). My love for Ghibli, Terry Pratchett and dark sci-fi play a big role in all of the characters and worlds I create.


Before we start covering the game, you might want to check out some of the other places you can find us:

I_DO_TRI FACEBOOK:       https://www.facebook.com/iDoTriGames/
I_DO_TRI YOUTUBE:         I_DO_TRI Youtube Channel

For enquiries - email:

We are trying to build a little community around our game so everybody can follow it’s progress together, ask us questions, give an opportunity for some to test the game, or maybe we all look at cat GIFs and just have some fun.

Idotri Games Discord Channel!

Hope you enjoy looking at our work, stay tuned as we have a lot to get through! 

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